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When it comes to reliability, your business must be able to count on a reliable broadband and communications provider. Trust your business services to RTTI. We are your one stop shop for all of your business needs. Let us customize a package that is right for you.


It has never been easier to switch you can keep your same phone number and have a peace of mind knowing that your business is our priority.

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We are your business solution. We specialize in High speed internet, security, web design, phone systems, Networking, and more...


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highspeed internet, security , phone, wireless, provider, residential internet and business internet provider
We are your business solution. We specialize in High speed internet, security, web design, phone systems, Networking, and more...
highspeed internet, security , phone, wireless, provider, residential internet and business internet provider
  • Business Packages


    Internet & Voice

    Phone & Internet

    Internet only plans do not require a phone line. Internet only plans require Inside Wire Maintenance and MyHome WI-FI. All internet bundles require MyHome WI-FI.The unlimited plan is for voice calls terminating within the continental U.S. (excludes Hawaii & Alaska) only. Calls not included in the Unlimited packages will be billed at tariff rates. RTTI installation is to demarcation point. Installation does not include inside wiring or telephone jacks. Fiber does not keep your phone on when the power is out. A battery backup will supply power for a period of time. Additional battery back-ups are available for purchase. Additional base unit(8hr) is $110.94, Flex Battery(4hr) is $53.47/ea.  Speeds listed are maximum attainable download and upload speeds and are best effort delivered through a wired connection to the customer premise. Actual speeds may vary depending upon a variety of factors, many of which are related to the environment at the customer premise and the customer owned devices connecting to the broadband service such as wireless, device capabilities, number of devices and interferences all impact internet speed connections. For best performance use a hardwired connection.

  • Key Systems

    In today’s business world, it is critical to have a business communication solution that will keep you connected with your customers and employees anywhere, anytime. Your business phone is one of the most critical components of your communication success as a business.


    For the most active phone users, the ESI 60 Business Phone is built to help its users achieve maximum productivity.


    • Network: Gigabit Ethernet IP; 10/100, Ethernet IP; Digital
    • Programmable keys: 48 (up to 168 with optional Expansion Consoles)
    • Dedicated Voicemail key
    • ESI quick HELP key
    • Adjustable backlighting
    • Full duplex speakerphone


    ESI 60 Business Phone

  • Hosted Solutions

    Our Hosted Voice Solutions are specifically designed for businesses that are looking for a more advanced phone system which delivers premium voice quality and features that connect to your mobile devices without the capital expense.


    Our three-year Hosted Packages works for both small and large businesses and uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to send and receive voice services over an internet connection, and includes the features of a traditional business telephone system (PBX or key system) without on-premise equipment.



    • More Than Just Voice Calls
    • More Flexible & Scalable
    • Costs Are Usually Lower
    • Easy Set-Up
    • Reliable & Secure
    easy setup phones
  • Notify PLus

    Notify Plus

    Connect to people all at once! Turn your landline phone into a powerful automated messaging service! With Notify Plus, you can send text messages, emails with attached audio files and deliver recorded messages to landline and wireless phones.


    Who Can Use Notify?

    Anyone. Churches, Civic Groups, Coaches, Doctors/Dentists, Schools, Retail Stores, Town Halls, Police and Fire Departments, Veterinarians, Tax Services and Public Utilities. The list goes on and on. Basically, anyone who can create a database or who has a database of customer phone numbers, cell numbers or e-mail addresses can benefit from this service.


    How Do You Notify Your Group?

    You can notify your group by phone, text or e-mail. You can schedule your calls, texts or e-mails to go out when you want to. Send them out instantly or schedule a specific time.


    Why Use Notify?

    Save time. Save money. Stay Connected. Whatever your purpose, Notify can help! Use this service for:


    • Meeting Notifications
    • Prayer Lists
    • Weather Cancellations
    • Payment Notifications
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Practice Reminders
    • Expiration Notices
    • Prescription Renewals
    • Product Recalls
    • Scheduled Maintenance Reminders
    • Survey your customers to improve your business


    How Many can be Informed?

    Keep any size group informed from 1 person up to 2,500. You choose the plan that best fits your need.


    Is Notify Easy to Use?

    Yes. To schedule a notification all you need is a computer. You can access the user-friendly web portal (24/7) and send a complete message to your list within five minutes. You can schedule a notification at home, in the office or on vacation. It's that easy.


    How much does Notify cost?

    We have three plans to choose from whether you are a residential or business customer- Value, Select or Pro.


    Value Plan - $14.95/mo.

    • 250 Contacts
    • 5 Simultaneous Calls
    • 20 Jobs Per Month


    Select Plan - $19.95/mo.

    • 1000 Contacts
    • 20 Simultaneous Calls
    • 40 Jobs Per Month


    Pro Plan - $49.95/mo

    • 2500 Contacts
    • 40 Simultaneous
    • Unlimited jobs Per Month


    Activation/Reactivation Fee - $40.00

    Term is Month to Month


    Already have Notify but need help?


    To Record Message: Dial 336-879-9243 and follow the prompts.


    To Access the web portal: Go to notify.rtmc.net. Enter in your username and password. Click on "Notify" on the left side of the screen. Follow these simple steps:

    1. Complete your Phone Book. You can enter in your phone book entries on-line or import them into the web portal via a .csv file.
    2. Make sure you see your announcement under the Announcements tab. If you do not then you will need to re-record your announcement. It is important to note that if you record your announcement while you are still logged into the web portal your announcement will not appear. You will need to log out and then log back in.
    3. Set up your "Job" under the Jobs tab. Click "add" at the bottom of Jobs menu and then begin setting up your job. Once you click "schedule" then your job is live.
    4. For additional questions please contact Jennifer Strider at 336.879.7960.